Thursday, December 26, 2013

First Dance Recital!

Weeks leading up to this recital I was a nervous wreck. I wish I didn't stress so easily but I do. In dance class we would have good and bad days. I was so worried that she would just run around the teacher while on stage like she does in class. But the day came, and all three girls were amazing. They performed at the Dickens' Festival and while we were waiting back stage for them to perform, I was sweating bullets.

All the girls did amazing. It has been so neat to see Emma and Lindsay continue to improve and become awesome dancers. I was so proud of all of them, beaming all night!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fun Day with Mom and Dad

About a month ago, we took Brooklyn out to the St. George carousel and some frozen yogurt. I was excited to take her to the carousel since we hadn't been there for a while and she loved it. Well as soon as we get there she waits patiently to pay for her ticket and then gave her ticket to the lady. We found the horse she wanted and she seemed ready. But as soon as the ride started she clung to me so tight. I have never seen her this scared before. I tried so hard to get her to get back on the horse, but she wasn't having it. Since I bought two tickets we decided to just sit in the seat together on the second ride. She still had a hard time, but since I was sitting next to her it wasn't as bad. It's crazy how things she was not scared of before, now terrify her.

Before the ride actually started

Now clinging to mom

Her fake/concerned smile
Here Brookie, let me take a picture really quick

Nope, not having it!

We decided to walk around after the ride.

Of course she finds the first pile of dirt and wants to dig in it.

After the carousel, we took her to Yogurt Land. She loved it, maybe because she always gets more candy than frozen yogurt.

This cutie was tuckered once we left.  I sure do love her!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Brooklyn's 2nd Birthday!

I can't not get over how quickly my little girl is growing up. Before her birthday I was always worried about her speech, she wasn't speaking as much as Allie and Penelope were at 2 but I knew she was trying. Then all the sudden about a week before her birthday words started flying out of her mouth. It started with "yeah", every time you asked her a question she replied with a big "yeah". I loved this, my little girl is having a conversation with us. Now she is speaking so well.
She is also experiencing the dreaded terrible two's as well. The biggest thing right now is that if she is doing something wrong and you tell her no, she does it more. For instance, coloring, we have so many items with coloring on them. I will let her color in her book, but then she will get bored and move to the floor or the wall. When we tell her no, she goes faster and keeps doing it. Time out is quite frequent in our home right now. I sometimes wonder if it's even helping. When she is sitting in time out, I try to explain to her why she is in time out and tell her to then tell me sorry with a hug. Yesterday as soon as she went to time out she gave me a hug right away and then tried to walk away with a smile. She wasn't to happy when I told her she wasn't done in time out.
Her birthday 2nd birthday was a fun, busy day. We woke her up and sang her Happy Birthday, we gave her balloons and Ash tied a cute puppy to the balloons. She LOVED it, she still carries that little guy around today.

We had to get up early on this birthday Saturday because there was a big football game that day. It was the very last game of the season and Parker and Jacob were playing each other for the first time as well. This game was so intense, who were we supposed to cheer for? If Jacob's team won they would go on to the play offs. It was such a close game, it went into overtime and both boys did amazing! Jacob's team ended up winning by one touchdown.
Games aren't too fun for the little ones. They had fun playing on the fence and looking for rollie pollies.

Lindsay and Emma helping Jacob's team get ready after half time.
After the game Brooklyn took a long nap, while we got ready for her birthday. I had planned on having it at the park by our house. I was hoping all week the weather would stay great. I couldn't think of a better place to have her party this year, the park is one of her favorite places, and it fits the whole family.

The birthday girl, got cake, ice cream, she got to play with all her cousins, and be at the park. I think she had a fun party. We have almost 200 pictures from the party, I am going to just try to show the highlights.


I love these pictures of Emma and Lindsay talking to her about her presents. She seriously has the best cousins!

It was time for her to open her presents. I love how I'm in all the pictures in her face. "Do you like it Brooklyn?". I can just hear me now, haha!

She was seriously spoiled!

Her and Allie playing tag!

And then taking a break under the tree.
Last but not least, we had the piñata! Funny piñata story: My poor brother didn't mean to, but when he was getting ready to set it up, he lost the rope and the piñata dropped and broke! He felt so bad, that he tried his hardest to get it fixed. Just call him MacGyver.

Thank you Uncle Doz!

Like I said, she was so spoiled and loved every present. She had so many people drive to St. George just for her party.
Breakfast the day after with her balloon.

Oh and some cake as well.

The next couple of days if I found her playing with a new toy I would take a picture and send it to the person that got it for her, for a thank you!
A baby from Aunt Kathy and family.

A Minnie mouse table from Aunt Paola and Uncle Bubba
A Mr. Potato head from Aunt Kristin and Uncle Doz
Playing on her new bike, with a cute outfit from Sierra
Aunt Mandy and Uncle Allan got her a bed for her babies, but she wanted to lay in it herself.
This little girl is such a blessing in our life and has made that last two years amazing! We love you Brooklyn!