Monday, April 28, 2014

Easter 2014

I was so excited for Easter this year. Brooklyn is at such a cute age and it was fun teaching her all about Easter. About two weeks before Easter we were watching an episode of Special Agent Oso, in this episode he teaches the kids to dye eggs. I recorded it and we watched it a couple times. When I told her we were coloring eggs too she got so excited and wanted to do it right then, so when the day actually came she was so excited. She was even more excited to have all her cousins there with her.
We all got together the Saturday before Easter and dyed eggs, then the kids just played outside for hours because it was so nice outside.

Between dying eggs and playing outside, they all took a break for a snack and Frozen.


Kristin had been doing everybody's hair throughout the day and when she was finished, Brookie wanted her hair done too. She just combed it, but Brookie felt pretty special to have on the cape and to have Kristin do her hair too. Then her and Penelope took a bath to a bath together. They were so excited to go to bed for the Easter Bunny.

Classic Penelope face.

Easter morning was so funny. Dave had to work at 9am so we tried to wake her up at 8:30 so Dave could be here while she found her basket. But she didn't want to get out of bed, I had to finally show her a picture of her basket on my phone and her faced beamed up. It was so cute, the first thing she did was grab Ashley's basket and give it to her, before she even looked at hers. That melted my heart.

 Trying out her new bubbles!

Showing off her new dress!

And finally the egg hunt, she was in heaven. She was with her best friends and having the time of her life. These girls are too cute!

She had a lot of help from the older cousins. ;)

They seem happy with their find.

Penelope was so funny, she had her basket hanging around her neck most of the time.

I love this picture. Brookie is copying Allie and Emma does a nice photo bomb!
Checking out her stash.