Friday, June 28, 2013

Random Update

A couple weeks ago we went on a very last minute trip to California with the Miles and the Zarates and I really want to blog about it but I want to get some pictures off Ashley's phone first.

It is so hot here lately. Today and this weekend it's supposed to hit 115!!! No bueno. No bueno at all.

We have been doing are best to keep busy (so we don't die of boredom) and stay cool. About a month ago, the Zarates bought a pool for their yard. The weekend that they set it up they invited everyone over for a BBQ, it was so nice and Brooklyn seemed to like it.

 She loved the pool, but she loves the trampoline more.

I love when she colors or draws. She gets way into it, and always lays on her tummy to do it. It's so cute!

Dave is a HUGE New York Yankee fan. He had bought this little girl Yankee jersey before Brooklyn was born. He put it on her the other day. It's still a little big, but she looked so cute. I love that she likes to wear her hat.

Last weekend we went to the water park. We were having fun, but when Aunt Paola showed up with popsicles it was a hit!

You got to make sure they don't melt quick, right?

I absolutely adore Allie's smile in this picture!

After Brooklyn's bath the other night, I was able to put her hair in two braids. Little House on the Prairie version.

Last weekend when we were at the Zarates, Bubba wanted to show us their bows. Brooklyn watched him and Jacob shoot a couple and then she wanted to try it. I think watching Brave a few times helped.

I helped them clean out their pool and Nate watched Brookie for me. He had set up a couple chairs for them, and when I took this picture they were just sitting there talking.

I hate the Xbox but this makes it tolerable.

Finally, we received a picture from Penelope showing us what fun she is having traveling with dad. We sure do miss them!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I love this song, and Brooklyn loves it too. The message is awesome and I wish I could tell Brooklyn and all my nieces and nephews the same thing everyday, be brave!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This College Graduate!

Yesterday Ashley graduated! What an awesome day, I am beyond proud and ecstatic for her. I know this last year was so hard for her. She was going to school full time and then part time at Dixie as well because she wants to eventually get in the nursing program at Dixie.

When Ashley started college right after high school she was pretty sure she was going to be a school teacher. But she slowly started to be intrigued with medical courses and just excelled from there. I know the nursing program here in St. George is so hard to get into. Just keep trying and I know you will be able to do it one day. We love you so much and keep working hard, it will be worth it.

When we moved to St. George Ashley was in the middle of her 5th grade year. Moving was such a hard decision for me just because I didn't want Ashley to leave the friends she had had since she was so little.

On her first day of school here in St. George she met Sierra and the next year Devan. They have been through a lot as friends, but always seem to come back together. They both came to the graduation for Ashley last night. I know it wasn't easy for them. Devan drove all the way from up north with her cute little guy and Sierra has a brand new baby boy. But they did and when they all got together for a picture, I lost it. I had held it in pretty well for me, but to see these girls all grown up and being amazing young women it got me. Thank you girls for being there for Ash on her special night!

Of course we have to get some family pictures right? Well we did our best. I love them all and so grateful for their support to Ash through everything!
Doesn't Bubba look thrilled? ^

The Miles Family

The Zarate Family. At least Bub looks a little more excited. ;)

Our little family!

All the cousins!

Paola and her kids put a banner outside our house for Ash and also decorated the car. It was so cute.

Our future graduate!

Fernando, Kristin and Peeps are in Kansas escaping this horrible heat. But they sent her beautiful flowers and Penelope FaceTimed Ash to tell her Congratulations.