Monday, August 18, 2014

Brooklyn Update - Summer Wrap Up

I cannot belive how much this little girl has changed just since her last update. She is officlly a talker, and we love it. Some of my favorites our:

"Where we going?" - When we are driving anywhere

"I pooped!" - Whenever she toots

"I love you much more." - After you tell her I love you

"Hold on" - When we call her name

"Singing in the shower" - When she's taking a bath

I made her a chore chart to hopefully get her excited to brush her teeth and go potty on her own. She loves it and I love when she says chore chart, but we still have not actually gone in the potty and sometimes we have to hold her down to brush her teeth.

She does NOT like to wear clothes. If you come over she will most likely have a diaper on and only a diaper. If she does have clothes on and has to go #2, she will kindly ask you to help her take her clothes off, because she likes to poop with no clothes and in the corner. Thanks for the warning Brookie. :)

Potty training has been a battle. She thinks that if she sits on the potty and flush then she has gone potty. She gets excited and washes her hands and yells "I go potty". I don't want to make her feel bad, so I will say "you sat on the potty, yay!" 

Even though I am ready for summer to be over, I am happy that she has had such a fun summer. I just can't wait for fall. Then we can go out in the middle of the day and water will not be required. But of course she loved swimming and water parks.

I did this little comparison on my instagram account. I can't belive how much she has grown!
Swimming is a must in the summer, even if it's in a small pool in your backyard.

 A couple weeks ago we went school shopping with the girls. Emma and Lindsay are starting 6th grade! Wow, they are going to rock. Towards the end of the shopping day, the girls had had it at Kohls. So they found an area with chairs and rested.
Nice Brookie!

                   But even though they found fun chairs to sit in, Brookie was done before we left.

We painted her toes the other day, and she wanted to put her dress shoes on. She loved it.

Finally we broke down and got her some fish. Well let's just say I broke down, Dave has been wanting to get her some awhile. She loves them, we got her a neon pink and yellow one. She has named them Spongebob and Patrick. Haha

Notice no shirt!