Monday, November 9, 2015

Fun Day with Uncle Doz (September 23, 2015)

What do you do when it's fall in St. George? You go to the children's museum and the splash pad because it's still so hot. Thank you Uncle Doz for a fun afternoon.

Here is a cute video of Doz taking Hendrix down the snow slope in the Frozen room. I love that Hendrix's face doesn't change through the whole thing.

We then left for the splash pad. Doz was so sweet and snuck off to 25 and Main to surprise the girls with cupcakes.

Big Girl Bed

In August we finally got Brookie out of her toddler bed/crib and got her a big girl bed. She loves it, thank you Uncle Bubba for hauling it to the house for us.

Dixie Round Up

I am going to be doing a huge group of blogs because I am so behind. In August I was able to quit working so that I could stay home with Brooklyn and I am SO happy about it. I thought I would be able to maintain my blog since I was home more, but that is a big NOPE. I am able to watch Allie after school and have her and Brooklyn with me all day. I want to document these moments for your memories later down the road.

The girls had the opportunity to be in the Dixie Round Up parade. Their dance company's theme was "Proud to be an American". Brooklyn and Allie rode the float and waved their American flags proudly, while Emma and Lindsay followed by dancing. They all did amazing.

Then later on that day the were able to perform at the park. It was SO hot and miserable, but they were troopers like always.