Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Growing Up Too Fast

A couple weeks ago, Brookie had a fun weekend, because Fernando, Kristin and Penelope came home and we are so exited to have them back. Penelope, Brookie, and Allie have talked about a sleepover the whole summer. Well they invited the little girls to Penelope's house for a sleep over and Brooklyn was so excited.

I was nervous. We had tried to have her sleep at Paola's house a few months ago and she never went to sleep! She was so excited to be there that she fought her sleep and I took her home. I was afraid she would do the same thing.

The girls had the best time. Kristin had a fun dinner out for them, Uncle Doz, put the tent up in their TV room, Kristin bought them their own make up bag with make up, and then she made cookies with.  Mandy also bought the girls matching jammies for this big day that these girls had talked about all summer.

Who would want to sleep right? Well Brookie did the same thing and we ended up picking her up around midnight. The next morning all she wanted to do was play with her make up. She needs a little practice, don't you think?
That afternoon all our girls were in the Dixie Round Up Parade. Since Brooklyn woke up early I wanted her to take a nap so bad. Well I finally got her to take one, but it was only an hour before we had to get ready. She was not happy to have to get up and cried the whole time I curled her hair and dressed her. But once we got there she was excited to see everything and cheered right up.

I was so nervous again, why am I such a paranoid mama? It was so warm and she had her water bottle but I was afraid she wouldn't drink from all the excitement. Our plan was to help get them started watch the beginning of the parade, then drive to the end of the parade to pick them up. I think Dave was more worried than i was because he ended up walking the whole parade to watch them.

When she was done she was so excited and proud of herself. Why is she growing up so fast?