Monday, July 27, 2015

Independence Day 2014

Many years ago when Parker was just a newborn we went to Vernon Worthen park for the 4th of July, this would be 9 years ago. On this particular day it was very hot, so hot! I just remember being so miserable I couldn't enjoy anything.  Since this day we have always been very hesitate to attend the 4th of July festivities and always just do our own thing at a much later time.

This is Kristen's first summer here with us (since she used to travel with Fernando every summer for his work), and she mentioned Vernon Worthen park. Um, sure! I didn't want to be a party pooper because I hate this heat, and it has been cloudy. 

It ended up not being too horrible. It was cloudy but SUPER muggy. They had a lot of fun activities for the kids. Brooklyn had a blast, but after only a couple hours we were done and ready for a nap. 

It was so cute, Penelope and Brookie were facing each other the whole time. And Brookie wasn't afraid of the swing!

After we went home and rested a little we all got together at Fernando's office. Kristen had the idea of having a BBQ and watching fireworks from his office. He has a balcony and it's only a couple blocks from the Dixie Bowl. 

Ashley made these cute flag shirts for the girls.

I tried to get a fun picture of everyone, but of course we had to have the goofy/silly ones that couldn't take a normal picture. Here's my family for what they are.

Lastly we ended the night with sparklers. We headed home around 11pm, we where exhausted!

Brooklyn Update

Brooklyn is a spitfire and I never know what she is going to say next. It has been so fun watching her grow into a little girl. She is so stubborn when it comes to doing things on her own, but always follows me around and wants me to play.

I feel like she says something funny everyday, and I wish I was able to write them all down at once, but here are a few.

Last night we went to visit Ash at the hospital and bring her some treats since she was working graveyard. Paola and Emma came with us and Paola told Brookie this is where she is going to have her baby. Brookie's eyes got very big and she just said "right now?"

She watched a video of the Gardner Quads getting their 6-month shots. She was so fascinated by it, and then laid four babies out to give them a check up and shots.

She loves watching music videos and listening to music. We were watching Carly Jepson's I really, really, really, really like you and towards the end when they are dancing she yells "Mom, they are doing the Sashay".

Potty training has been the death of me. I am so frustrated that she to this day still is not potty trained. She is so stubborn and scared to go on the potty. 

For a couple days we were able to get her to feel comfortable enough to just sit on the potty. I sit on the floor for more than 30 minutes and "Minnies" with her while she just sits there. Then one day she was in the middle of playing and she finally went. We were all so excited! As soon as she washed her hands Ashley took her to store and got her a prize (as we have been promising).

The next few days we didn't put a pull-up on her at all, but she would just pee where ever she was standing. Then we were at Kristen's house and she freaked out. She did not want to go at her house and didn't want to go on her floor either. She cried and screamed the whole time! We went back and forth from one toilet to another and her saying "never mind I don't have to pee" for about an hour. Then I she started to cry that her tummy hurt, so I finally gave in and put one of Hendrix diapers on her. I told her we were taking her new toy back to the store and now she just says "okay mom", and helps me put them back in the bag. Really? I also tried just talking to her about it with  me saying "Hendrix is a baby and he wears diapers, you are a big girl and you are not supposed to wear diapers", she just replies with "Mom I'm just a girl that wears diapers". So frustrating!

Back to music, she was watching the video Shut Up and Dance, and when the lead singer came on the screen she would say "mom I want to see him at the hotel". We were planning a trip to Bear Lake and kept telling her about a hotel.

If we ask her a question she will sometimes answer "pretty not".

One day she was very upset that I would not let her play with Ashley's permanent markers. she got so mad and yelled "I don't like you anymore, just go to jail".

She started watching a show on Netflix called Lego Friends (only 3 episodes are available), and one day she wanted to watch it and she said "I really want to watch block friends".

While driving one day she gave me a very detailed explanation of what it's going to be like when she grows up. "I am going to have a castle and you can come to see me at that castle. I will have a phone to call peoples and I will be big enough to drive". 

Allie was over playing and I overheard her telling Brookie this "Hi my name is Sparkle Relax, but just call me Mambo" I was dying!

The first time she put on this denim vest she told me "Mom I'm a bad girl okay"? What? Where did she learn this? My only answer is Gia, Stephanie Tanner's bad girl best friend on Full House. We have been on a Full House kick lately. 

I love this little girl so so much! And after seeing her in the picture with Emma I am sadly realizing that she is no longer a baby and pretty much passed the toddler phase. She definitely has us on our toes every day but we wouldn't change ANYTHING for the world. Love you Brookie!

Monday, July 6, 2015

End of Year Recital (May 18, 2015)

It was that time of year again. When the girls get to show off the all the hard work they put into that dance year. 

The show started off with the tumbling pre-show. The girls were so cute, and thank you to their teacher Ms. Brittany. I am pretty sure this class was not one of her easiest but she was perfect, patient but firm when needed. Brooklyn loves her.

Here's a cute video, I love how Brookie is dancing while she waits for her turn.

Then the girls performed their dance to the song "Two Worlds, One Family" from the movie Tarzan. I of course think they were amazing!

 I was trying to record Emma and Lindsay's lyrical routine, but Brooklyn wasn't having it, as you can see.

Then it was time for Emma and Lindsay's last dance, hip hop which is my favorite. The girls come out, the song starts and we can't find Lindsay. She missed the dance, so Mandy went backstage to check on her. She had had a bad headache all night and it had finally got too hard for her to dance so she missed it and went home early. She was such a trooper, seriously so proud of those two. They go to dance 3-4 days a week, have performances, competitions and still are able to keep up their grades. They are good kids, and I'm so grateful Brooklyn has them as examples.

Since Lindsay and Allie left early, we were only able to get pictures with Emma. Penelope wasn't having it and didn't want pictures either.

We finally tracked down Ms. Misty for a picture. We love Misty, like seriously love her. She is the best ever. You can see that she loves each of these girls and she puts so much into this company and these dancers. There were a couple months were Brooklyn wanted to have nothing to do with dance. But with Misty's patience and love she was able to get Brooklyn to feel comfortable again. There were times where she would be running a number with the older girls and Brooklyn would only go to her, she didn't hesitate. She would hold her in her arms and comfort her while she is working with the other girls. Thank you Ms. Misty! Have we mentioned that we love you?

Now let's get a picture at home with your flowers, oh wait Sunny! Well it was worth a try.