Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brooklyn is 6 months!

 This love of my life is half a year old today. I can' believe it. I now know what all the mothers are talking about when they say they grow up way to fast.

* She is sitting up on her own. She still needs a little support and doesn't have it perfected just yet.

* She loves to eat puffs, bananas seem to be the favorite right now.

* We have started mixing baby food with her rice ceral. She loves pears!

* Her hair is getting longer and her eyes are getting bluer.

* I really think that she is teething. She will just have some days where she is miserable, drooling like crazy, and chewing on everything.

* She can stand and turn all by herself on her baby activity center.

* She wears 9 to 12 month clothing.

* She drinks from a sippy cup (with a little help).

* She loves to play peek a boo. If I put a blanket on my head she knows to pull if off, she loves playing that game.

I just finished my spring semester in school and look forward to having the summer off with her. She can't wait to go swimming for the first time. ;)
(Don't you just love those chubby legs?)