Friday, October 17, 2014

Dang you Fibroid!

Well if you don't remember I found out I had a fibroid when I was pregnant with Brooklyn and that is the reason I had to have a C-section when I had her. Dr. Lunt had said that he thought about trying to take it out during my C-section but he didn't want to risk anything. Normally fibroid shrink after the baby is born.

Fast forward 3 years later, I go to the ER for heavy bleeding. Turns out that little sucker is back and growing again. Great! The ER doc scared the crap out of me, but he referred me to Dr. Lunt for further care. I got in to see Dr. Lunt a couple days later and he gave me some options, but I had to have a biopsy first. After talking to him and seeing my options, he did say that I could have an MRI to see if I qualified for a procedure where they go through my leg and stop the blood supply to the Fibroid in an artery in my leg. The other option, a hysterectomy. My immediate reaction is to get the MRI and even after talking to family and friends they thought the same thing as well. I had to wait a week for the biopsy results, then once those cam back clear, I made an appoint for the MRI. I get the MRI and wait another week for those results. Well I finally get the call from my doctor's nurse saying I am NOT a candidate for this procedure and this leaves a hysterectomy.

I was a mess. I did not want to have surgery. I also always thought about having another baby, but I always had the fibroid in the back of my head. But getting this surgery meant no more kids at all. And it's SURGERY, I'm a little scared. Thankfully my doctor called me that night and answered a lot of my questions.

So this Monday I go in for surgery and get a hysterectomy, 2 months after the initial ER visit. I am beyond nervous and scared. Thankfully the hospital stay is only one night, but the recovery time is 6 weeks! I can do this right? I have such amazing support, we just need to get through it.

Life has been a little hectic. Brooklyn as been sick and even though I don't like her being sick, it has kept my mind off my own issues. She was having really bad tummy aches and it was causing her to get up in the middle of the night, grabbing her belly and crying. We took her to the doctor and he thinks she is just really "backed up". Tells us to give her Miralax and also a probiotic. But a day after seeing the doctor she woke up in the middle of night again crying. This was the longest she had cried about it, so we take her to the ER. After a sad night at the ER, he thinks its still her stomach, he gives her medicine for the pain in her tummy and tells us to follow up with a specialist if she doesn't get better. Thankfully she got better, but then followed that with a really bad cold. But today we are good!!
Being such a big girl at the doctor.

While we waited for her results to come back while in the ER, a sweet nurse gave her some toys and offered to let us pull her around in the wagon. She loved it, but was so tired she fell asleep.

She is so funny. She is talking so much, but she also gives us the biggest attitude. I think 3 might be a little more of a struggle than the "Terrible 2's". Here is just a little update on her:

When you ask her a question and the answer is no, she replies "No, not". 
She is OBSESSED with Play-Doh. She always wants to play with it, and I always have to clean it up. :)
Allie is at our house 4 days a week since Ash watches her. If she isn't there Brooklyn is so sad and she will cry. "Me just want my best friend".
She is so curious about her new cousin in Kristin's belly. She puts a baby under her shirt all the time. 
She loves to do her own make-up and is quite the artist.
She likes to save her own money for the carousel. "Mommy, this is my horsey money".
I feel like I need to update every month because she is growing and changing so much. After my surgery we will focus on Halloween and her 3rd birthday! She is so excited for Halloween and even picked her costume herself.