Friday, February 28, 2014

First Dentist Appt

(January 30, 2014)
This post is mostly for memory. Brooklyn had her first dentist appointment when we got back from California. She did great, she loved the waiting room and it's a good thing because we waited for an hour and a half. But when we got to the back waiting room, there were more games and she loved brushing the dinosaurs teeth. The staff was sweet and she freaked out when the dentist looked at her teeth. I had to hold her arms and legs down. It went by really quick and he said they looked good. She got a balloon, a book, and a coupon for a free pizza.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flying to California

At the end of January we made a quick trip to California to visit my family on my dad's side. We flew out Friday night and got back Sunday afternoon. I was so nervous to fly and also fly with Brooklyn, but we made it.

Friday night our flight was originally supposed to leave at 9:45 and then it was delayed for 2 hours! Not to mention we got there 2 hours early to be safe, so we were at the airport for 4 hours waiting and waiting. Brooklyn was so tired but didn't want to go to sleep because so much as going on. The hard part was keeping her entertained and away from the slots. She wanted to play with those things so bad, the attendant that watches the machines even had to wave his finger at her "no-no". That hurt her feelings.

I took her for a walk around to pass time and a little girl ran over to us and said she had an extra ball and offered to give it to Brooklyn. What a sweet little girl, and that saved us. We played catch as long as I could make it fun.

Then finally it was time to get on the plane. Why do I have to stress about everything? I felt like it I was moving from one stress to another.  "Okay we made it through the delay, now we have to get on the plane".  Thankfully the flight was only an hour long, because it was already 11:45pm almost midnight (12:45 Utah time).

Brooklyn was SO good throughout the flight, she did amazing I was so proud of her.

Then when it was time to put your seat belt on she FREAKED OUT! She kept crying because her ears hurt and then Dave and I had to hold her legs down from standing up in her seat and that made her even more mad. So for about 10 minutes (felt like 30) straight she was full on crying and crying loud.

When we finally landed we waited for everyone to get off the plane before we did and so many people were so nice and asked if she was okay. It made us feel a lot better. We were so worried about being those travelers with the crying baby. But by the time we landed I didn't care, I just wanted her to feel better.

We landed at 1:45am, and it's about a hour drive to get to Santa Rosa. Brooklyn slept the whole way there, but then when we got to my dad's house she wanted to stay up and play. It was fun getting her to bed that night.

We slept till 10am and started our day. My dad and his family were so sweet. They made sure we had everything we needed. On Saturday he took us for a tour of Napa Valley and then later that afternoon we went back to his house because family was coming over to see us. My dad has A LOT of brothers and sisters and most of them came, as well as their family members. It was so nice to see everyone and Brooklyn was meeting a lot of them for the first time. She was spoiled.

My dad is in a mariachi band and had a gig Saturday night and had to leave for a couple hours. But when he was done he brought the whole band back and they played a few songs for everyone and Brooklyn loved it. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what kind of music is on, she will dance whenever she has the chance. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up.

On Sunday morning we got up early because my dad wanted to take us to the beach (Dave has never been) and to Golden Gate bridge. The weather was perfect and of course everything was beautiful.


The flight home was only delayed 20 minutes and we had the same experience. Brooklyn was great until the end of the flight. The guy that sat directly in front of her was not amused, oh well. I wasn't sorry at all.

I think it will be a little while before we try to fly with her again, but I am grateful for the opportunity and to see family that I haven't seen in years. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

Christmas Season / Snow

What a fun December we had, how often to we get as much snow as we did for the holidays? It made the holiday season extra special. Yes, it was scary to drive in but so fun to play in.

That night I wanted to make a snowman so bad. I got Brookie bundled up and we tried, for some reason I couldn't get it to stay together. It was such a bummer, but Brooklyn loved playing in the snow.

We debated on whether to get a fake or real Christmas tree this year. We never thought we would ever consider a fake tree, but we were just so sick of buying one from a local store and they die a week later. Unless we go out and cut a tree ourselves it won't be fresh. So we did it, we bought a little fake tree.
Brooklyn loved it, she didn't care. She was so fun to watch when we decorated it and put the lights on.

We still were having colder weather than we were use to, and the snow was still on the ground.

One morning while I was getting ready for work, I noticed that Brooklyn had added some toys to the tree for decoration.
We made our annual visit to see Santa at the mall. All day I would talk to her about it to help her not be scared when we got there. I told her that she had to be nice to Santa, so when we get there and wait in line she kept saying "nice", it was so cute. Then when it was her turn, she didn't smile but she didn't cry either.

Here she is helping wrap presents on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Eve we all got together to play games and have Christmas dinner. This was her cute Christmas Eve outfit, I was trying to get her to smile in front of the tree.

I wish this picture wasn't blurry.

Christmas morning was awesome! I loved watching her reaction when she saw that Santa come, she was seriously spoiled.

She loved the kitchen so much it was hard to get her away to open the rest of her presents.

Spoiled for sure! ;)