Thursday, February 11, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

Christmas Eve was finally here and Brooklyn was beyond excited! We all got together and made gingerbread houses (the kids now love this tradition), and let the kids open their presents from the aunts and uncles.

We have some pretty creative kids. Look at these amazing gingerbread houses!

Here they are in order

Parker spent more time researching the perfect gingerbread house, that he didn't get one done.

Then it was time to open presents. We did not specific order, we just let each family pass out the presents at a time, and the kids opened them. My living room quickly became a sea of wrapping paper, boxes, and smiles! It was a good day!

PARKER! There's Parker!

Fernando loves the mugs you get when you stay at the hospital. Well Ashley rigged it so that she would draw his name this year. It was perfect because she had a box full of new hospital mugs. He loved it!

After everyone left we had dinner and whipped up some Christmas cookies for Santa.

 She had to take a picture of her new bow with her Christmas Eve jammies.

 Dave had to work until 9pm on Christmas Eve. The plan was to pick him up from work, and then go look at Christmas lights. Well, Brookie didn't make it! :)

Christmas Sunday (December 20, 2015)

Mandy and I found the cutest dresses for Allie and Brookie for Christmas this year. We also wore this cute dress to see Santa.

After church Brookie wanted to take Piper for a walk. Piper pretty much took Brookie for a walk.

She took a very long nap after church, and looked so grow up laying on the couch.

Nathon's Birthday Party (December 19, 2015)

Paola made the brave decision to have his birthday party at the park this year. What? Really? Well it ended up being a beautiful day and a fun party.

This was Hendrix first time meeting Paul.

Paola planned a lot of fun games.

Then these crazy girls wanted to do a photoshoot. "Katie come and take our picture, please!"