Tuesday, March 31, 2015

God's Messengers

Brooklyn and all my nieces with Premier Dance Center had the opportunity to dance for the God's Messengers show. This show was amazing! They were able to tell stories from the life of Christ through dance. I have always loved dance and especially appreciated this performance just before Easter. It was so beautiful and very spiritual.

I tried to take more pictures of her outside and she was pretending to be sad. She's funny.

Then Emma joined her and she was all smiles. :)

After their performance on Monday, Mandy posted a picture of Lindsay and Allie together. Then I realized we got the same photo, just different girls. 

Love them so much!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baby Hendrix!

Hendrix joined our family on February 8th, and he is perfect. So loved! He was only 6 pounds when he was born and is already 10 pounds at almost 2 months old. Kristin said he is eating so much and growing too fast. We adore him and are so grateful to have him here with us.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Brooklyn Update

Like always this little lady is growing up too fast and I feel like I get so behind I am missing so many things about her I want to document. 

She knows all the letters in the alphabet.

She is SUPER sensitive about everything. She gets her feelings hurt easily and then also gets upset fast.

She can cross her eyes. It's really scary looking.

She knows numbers up to 10.

She still says "me" for "I", for instances "Me go to my dance class".

She calls Target the popcorn store.

She LOVES music and singing. She always wants to watch music videos on TV.

She loves all her cousins so much. She always wants to be with them.

She loves to play pretend, like ALL the time, with animals, barbies, anything.

She is not scared to go to dance anymore, thank goodness. 

She is always telling us how much she loves her new cousin Hendrix.

Getting ready for anything is such a chore. She does not like her hair being done and getting dressed.

She always wants to pretend to be other members of the family. "Mom you Ashley, and me Katie, okay?"

She is currently obsessed with Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

She really likes to play hopscotch, a lot!

Emma and Lindsay have warm up suits that they use for dance. Brooklyn found an old Nike jacket of hers (size 2T), and she wants to wear it all the time. She calls it her dance jacket.

Last week the girls all had a sleep over at our house. We had air mattresses on the living room floor and everyone was asleep by midnight, but not Brooklyn. Dave and I tried to get her to go to bed in our room but she kept saying "Me want to go to that sleepover". We tried to tell her everyone was asleep but she was determined. She sat at the end of the bed on the floor eating popcorn and watching a show while the rest of the girls slept.

Brushing her teeth is getting easier each day. Well she is doing it on her own now.

The other day I took her for a walk around the neighborhood. It was late at night so we were just walking around our block a few times. On the last lap she finally said "Mom this is too many walks, let's go home".

One day when I was cleaning the kitchen and she sat at the kitchen table talking to herself. This is pretty normal for her, but then I noticed that she was acting out the fight scene between Penny and Sherman in the Mr. Peabody movie. That was hilarious!

Our neighbor has a cat named Sunny and Brookie loves him. Even though she doesn't like to pet him, she is constantly asking where Sunny is. Our sweet neighbor let Brookie borrow his basket of toys so she could play with him when she's outside.

I gave her some juice in my old hospital cup (she loves the straw) and then when she saw the cup she said "Mom you're all better. Me so proud of you, you all better". I was dying!

She still LOVES to sing and dance, she is such a ham.

Our current struggles are potty training and tantrums. She is so scared of the potty, we have tried a little one, and nothing seems to work. I keep telling myself that she will do it when she's ready, but I'm starting to worry a little.

She also seems to have no patience for anything! She gets frustrated so easy and cries. I try to stay calm when she's freaking out hoping she will calm down too, but it doesn't always work out.

We of course love her to pieces and treasure every single day with her!