Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Allie Lynn

Allie Lynn Miles arrived Saturday morning. She is so beautiful, and has a ton of hair! She is loved by so many people, and we are so excited to have her. Welcome to the world Miss Allie.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Another Summer Post

Okay, where did the month of August go? Where did summer go? I do agree that during the day when I am dealing with the heat it feels like fall will never come, but it's just around the corner and it feels like all I did was blink.

I have lacked in blogging because nothing too exciting happened. We had A LOT of family
birthdays and that's about it. We are getting ready for our newest niece Allie Lynn. Mandy will be induced today, we are just waiting for the hospital to give her a call!! We can't wait to see her, and buying baby girl stuff has come so easy to everyone.

Last weekend was my 33rd birthday. Hmmmmm I remember buying my mom a "29 and holding" key chain for her when she turned 29, and thinking she was so old. And here I am 4 years old than that.

I had an amazing birthday. My sister Ashley made me feel like a birthday princess. Since my birthday fell on a Saturday, she surprised me at work the Friday before with a birthday balloon and cupcakes from 25 Main for everyone in my office. It was so sweet.

The morning of my birthday Maddi, Emma, and Lindsay made me breakfast in bed. It was so cute, notice the flowers for decorations. I loved it.

That afternoon everyone came over and we had cake and ice cream together.

I loved all my presents and especially the homemade present Ashley helped the kids make for me. Each of them wrote why they love Aunt Katie on a piece of paper and she put it all together on a huge card. I loved it and cried of course.

This was also the weekend before Ashley started college. So that night Dave and I went with her to find a lap top. She found one she loves and we can't seem to pull her from it. I had an amazing birthday and I love everyone that made it special.

The same weekend of my birthday. Vanessa took Lindsay and Emma out for a "diva" photo shoot. They got matching outfits and Ashley and I were Vanessa's assistants. It was so hot, but the girls loved it. Here are some of my favorites, it was hard to choose from.

We also threw Mandy a lunch/baby shower since this is going to be the last baby Miles for them. We surprised her at Red Robin with lunch and of course baby presents.

Last but not least Miss Ashley is now in college. Again, where did the time go? I am so very proud of her and hope this will be an amazing year for you Ash.

Well that's it for now. With my favorite time of the year coming, a wedding anniversary, and a new niece I will have lots to blog about. TOODLES :D