Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brooklyn Update

This little girl has changed so much since I last updated. She pretty much can speak in a full sentence now, well 3 or 4 words in a row. It's crazy! When you ask her a question and the answer is her, she yells "you".  Brooklyn who wrote on the wall? She will yell "you" as she points to herself.

If you don't understand want she is saying she will repeat it until you say it back. This is hard sometimes, I will say "oh yeah" or "okay" and hope that she let's it go, but no. So I am sitting there trying to repeat the gibberish she just said. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

She loves to color and paint. I found some water colors on clearance at Target and bought a couple. She loves them, I usually let her paint on the kitchen counter while I'm cleaning or cooking.

She cannot get enough of dance. It makes me so sad that it will be over in a couple months. She was sad that she didn't have the week of spring break. She loves to show you her passé, and Emma taught her a passé turn. She will repeat passé over and over while she does it.
She can reach her skirts in her closet and will put them on herself. When she is done she will come to you and ask for music.
This weather has been amazing and we are taking advantage of it and going to the park a lot. She is getting braver on the slides, she even mastered going down on her tummy but she still does not like the swings. We have a sand toy set in the car and whenever there is sand she wants to play in it.
Playing tag with Penelope

They would both fall when they got too tired.

She loves to play tag or as she would call it "get you". I'm pretty sure she calls it "get you" because we will yell "I'm gonna get you" when we chase her.

She also likes to hide. If she hears someone coming in the room, she will pull a blanket or anything over her head and say "I hiding" in a whisper, because you gotta be quiet right. But if you say "Where's Brookly", she will yell and blow her cover.

She is growing up too fast and I don't want to forget everything that she says. Last night I went to take a picture of her coloring and she held her hand up and yelled "no pictures" with a very angry face. I couldn't help but laugh, I must be taking too many pictures.

My lazy chef

I have to admit though, she sure knows how to test my patience. She can throw the best of tantrums if she doesn't get what she wants. Usually once we have stood our ground and she realizes she's not getting it, she would be done. But not lately, she will cry and cry, kick and scream. And if she hasn't had a nap, oh man that is not fun. She has been fighting her naps lately (down to one, sometimes) and when she doesn't have it, we are having meltdowns before bedtime.

We sure do love her though. She gives the best hugs and kisses and melts our heart with her "I wuv yous". When I get home from work I give her a big hug and say "hi baby", she replies with the same thing. I love it!