Monday, June 13, 2016

Lagoon Road Trip

We have been so excited to go to Lagoon this year. Kristin's family lives really close to Lagoon, and offered to let us stay at their house. This helped out so much, we were so grateful.

I had shown Brooklyn pictures of Lagoon on the computer when I told her we were going. She has been so excited. She hasn't really been to an amusement park at all, and has always wanted to go on rides.

I used to love road trips, but since I had Brooklyn they stress me out. I worry about EVERYTHING! I am also used to usually having someone with me to help as well, but this year Ashley drove Kristin's car for her, and Dave stayed home because he had to work. So we began this journey with just me and Brooklyn. Well when we made a stop in Beaver, Parker offered to ride with me, and help me. He was so sweet.

Brookie asleep on our air mattress.

Her very first ride. She didn't love it, but poor Allie cried.

This girl was always excited, and making funny faces while waiting in line for the rides.

This girl had fun dancing while we waited for our girls to dance. She is such a ham!

 Lagoon was fun, but it wasn't without a few tears, and tantrums. It was a long day, but I am thankful she we were able to go.
 We made a couple stops on the way home the next day. We first stopped in Sugarhouse to have lunch with our good friend Autumn. She picked this little "hole in the wall" place, but the food and service were amazing. Brooklyn fell asleep like this.

 We also stopped at Krispy Kreme to see how they make the donuts. Brooklyn was pretty impressed!

 On the last stop Ashely took over driving for me. We were so happy to have her on the way home. She bought Brookie her own seeds.

Before/After Girls

Brooklyn had a sleepover at Penelope's house one night. I told her the next day, I would pick her up after I picked up Allie from school. When I got to Kristin's house they were outside having the time of their lives. They had so much fun, but she was so dirty. I have two hours to get her cleaned, fed, and ready for Lindsay's graduation. Can I do it? Well of course, as long as she is good. Well Penelope didn't want to feel left out, so we brought her too. I love that these girls have each other.


These girls had so much fun, but they stunk. Hahahahahaha


Beautiful Girls!