Monday, July 28, 2014

First Library Card.

Dave and I had tried to take Brooklyn to the library back in October to see how she would do. She was kind of a terror and we thought she's not quite ready. Well I decided to give it another try, and she loved it. She was so well behaved and LOVED looking at all the books. She even found a Peppa Pig book all by herself. She screamed when she found it. I had to remind her to whisper. She was so cute, we got her first library card and checked out 9 books. It seems like a lot but that night she sat and listened to almost all of them. This is also a big deal for me because before when I would try to read her one of her books, she would get bored and turn the pages on her own.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Independence Day 2013: Brooklyn and Allie Edition.

I was going through my pictures from the 4th of July and I realized 98% of the pictures are just Brooklyn and Allie......oops but they are so cute and they like to hang out with me.

It was so hot the morning of the 4th, we just had a lazy morning before going to the splash pad. When we got to the splash pad clouds were just starting to come in and it was so nice.
Brooklyn makes the bikini/swim diaper combo look good!

Here are the other 2% of pictures, Nate Nate and Carter.


When we left the park we all when to Bubba's house for a BBQ. Then the girls took a bath, ate some watermelon, jumped on the trampoline, and watched TV in Emma's room. By this time, there was a breeze and more clouds, so nice. I couldn't ask for better weather on this Independence Day.

Okay, at times it was more than just a "breeze".

Once it was almost dark we went to the high school by our house to watch the city fireworks. We thought we would be able to see the fireworks from there. We did see them, but there were some trees blocking the others. I was kinda of bummed, but Brooklyn loved it no matter what. 

Brooklyn was so tired when we got home but Ash and I really wanted her to try some sparklers before she went to bed. She loved them until she got burned, it was so sad. She went from so happy to crying in pain in 2 seconds. I felt bad that her night ended like that, but thankfully it was better by morning. Here are some pics pre burn. :(

Penelope and her family are in Iowa for the summer. Kristin sent us pictures of their fun day, we sure do miss them. We are so grateful for FaceTime.