Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brooklyn is 9 months!

(I love her rosy cheeks)

 I am so behind on this post.

We still don't have teeth. I see her bottom gums are white where those first two teeth are supposed to be and I think they will be here soon. 

She gets around by scooting, twisting and turning. Still no crawling.

She eats three meals a day!

She is trying more new food every day.

She can look through the pictures on my phone by swiping her cute little finger back and forth.

She sleeps through the night.

She loves music and loves to dance.

She puts her hands above her head when we say "big girl".

She loves knocking on doors.

She officially throws fits when she doesn't get what she wants.!!

She gets excited to see you when she hasn't seen you for a while.

She gets excited to hear the door bell ring.

If she doesn't have clothes on she will take her diaper off herself.

When you say "where's Brooklyn"? she screams to get your attention.

Her hairs is just getting thick enough where a little hair clip.

If I say "ouch Brooklyn" she pulls on my hair.

She is such a doll and getting smarter and cuter everyday. She will be one in just three months. Time does fly and I love every minute with her!

This monthly photo shoots are getting a little harder. As you an see, she just wants to grab the camera out of my hand.