Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter was great this year. We have kept the tradition of coloring eggs on Saturday, and then getting together for dinner and egg hunt on Easter Sunday.

The Saturday was so warm. Brooklyn started with a tank top (or what she likes to call a bra) and I ended up putting a t-shirt over that because she was getting burned really quick. My poor fair skinned child. It was so fun though, the younger girls are at such a fun age.

Look at this cute bunny that came over. 

The Easter Bunny was very sweet to Brooklyn this year. She was so surprised to see he actually came, but days leading up to Easter, she was scared about him coming over. She would say "Mom that Easter Bunny no come to my house okay". 

I have the funniest story about this pack of Play Doh. The Easter Bunny got this at Dave's work. When I went to open the pack for her Brooklyn yells "Dadas work". So I tried to play dumb and said what do you mean? She holds the pack in her hand puts her finger across the price tag and says "Dadas work" really slow like she's reading it. The Easter Bunny needs to be more careful in the future.

Later that day everyone came over for dinner and an egg hunt.

Another great holiday with family in the books!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Phone Update

I have some random pictures on my phone that I want to document on our blog.
We made a visit to our special angel Hannah.

I have some of the funniest pictures of Brooklyn falling asleep in random places.

Having fun with her mustache game.

I LOVE these pictures of Bubba walking her across the street to the park.

We CANNOT get enough of this little guy. He is grown so much, Fernando calls him a tank!

Sometimes we get to hang out at Paola's classroom, and Brookie loves to explore.

Then Aunt Paola sends some neat learning activities home with Brooklyn. 

Just watching some cartoons at Uncle Doz's office.

Searching for bugs with Penelope.

For awhile now Brooklyn has been scared of the swing. The other day Allie showed her how to swing on her stomach. She is slowly feeling better about the whole thing.

Getting her makeup done! *Matching jammies* <3 br="">

Yesterday at Jacob & Parker's baseball game, Nathan helped Brooklyn with his friends scooter, it was the sweetest!