Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Brooklyn @ 2 1/2 Years!

Brooklyn is grown up fast and changing so much. This post is mostly for myself and for memory, I don't want to forget all the little things she does as she learns and grows.
*She now sings when she hears music. She may not know the words, but she shakes her head and shoulders and moves her mouth. She also closes her eyes when it gets to a good part.

*My once fearless little lady is now scared of the water park, terrified! We took her on Memorial Day and it was so hot that I had to run her under the water a couple times to make sure she was a little cool. She screamed the whole time, she even had a dream about it and woke up and told me about it.
*Speaking of dreams, now she can tell me about them when she wakes up in the middle of the night. The last dream was about the water park, she woke up saying "Allie, me, water, SCARED". I'm sorry Brookie. :)

*She will politely let you know when she has to go number 2, and go to a corner and do her business. When she is done, she will yell "I did it", and then turn around to show you her diaper.
*Yesterday when I got home from work she told me about the poop she had that day. She told me, "Mommy, BIG, BIG, Poop".
*Potty training is so-so. She will tell you she has to go potty but she just sits on the toilet and nothing happens. She then says done and sings the song from Daniel Tiger, "flush and wash and be on your way".

*She DOES NOT like to put pants on. When we are getting her dressed or changing her diaper she kicks and kicks.
*She can sing the angry song from Daniel Tiger too. "When you get so mad that you want to ROAR, take a deep breathe (inhale) and count to four, 1-2-3-4. It's so cute!

*She can fake sleep with some loud snores
*She will randomly wrap her arms around your neck and yell I love you! Melts my heart.
*Last night Dave and I were watching a show where a kid fell, we both winced and she said "What happened?". Both Dave and I were shocked she said that.
*She went to work (day care) with Ashley last night and Ashley said she was so good and well behaved.
*She loves to tell secrets too, it's always I love you or "I love you more much".
*She can count to 15 and knows all her colors.

*She can also spell her name, sometimes there are more than 2 O's in that. B-R-O-O-O-O-O-O-K-L-Y-N
*She LOVES to draw or paint or color, especially on her legs and hands. She always has her legs covered up in pen or marker.
*She is obsessed with dresses and shoes. She always wants to wear a dress and her red sparkles shoes.

*Aunt Paola introduced her to Play Doh, thanks Paola. :)
*She has quite the temper, and is not very patient which means I must work my patients in over time. She gets frustrated so easily and then freaks out. If she is trying to put a shoe on herself and it doesn't go on right away she will get mad and throw it.
*She loves helping me make pancakes. She woke up from her nap one day and brought the pancake mix to me. We had pancakes for dinner.
*Her hair is so much longer, Ashley was able to give her two French braids.
*On my days off or when I get home from work she yells "Mommas home". We also made it a routine that when I get home I ring the door bell so she's knows it's me. She will yell "mommas home, momma go ding dong".
*When we are driving she looks for big trucks or semis.
*She talks so much, she will tell us stories and go on and on. If we get a couple words from that, then it's a good day.
*She says please and thank you like a champ, makes me so happy. She will also say bless you if someone sneezes and excuse me if she burps.
*She is quite the dancer for 2 1/2 years old.
*She loves and ADORES Penelope and Allie. Now that she is talking more it has been fun watching them play together.
*She will play hide and seek for hours if she could.
*She still loves to be outside and play whenever possible.
*She wants to be around Nathon as much as she can. All the girls call him Nate-Nate.
*We had a camp out at Bubba's house for Memorial Day weekend, she didn't know what to think with all of us playing outside together. When it was time to go to bed, she was so scared though. She kept asking to go in the house. I was able to play Frozen on my phone and she finally went to sleep.
I am sure there are a few things I have forgot and will probably add more later. We love her so much! She is the biggest blessing in my life and I thank Heavenly Father for her every day. I remember when we struggled to get pregnant again after losing Hannah and just wishing and wishing I could have one more child. It had been so long (5 years) that I accepted and believed that it wasn't going to happen. So when I found out I was pregnant you could say I was beyond excited, grateful and scared at the same time. Everyday is an amazing day even when she is throwing her fits, hitting, crying, or making messes because that anger or frustration goes away quickly when I remind myself what a gift she is to us.

Friday, May 23, 2014

End of Year Recital

The dance season is over and what a fun year it was. She absolutely loved it and adored her teachers. This week was her end of year recital. The day before the actual recital they had pictures and dress rehearsal. She smiled so big and made me so proud.

Doz, Kristin and Penleope moved to Iowa for the summer for Doz's job, so this meant she missed it and we missed her so much. It didn't feel the same without her.

It was a little crazy at the studio for pictures and rehearsal. Thankfully I had Lindsay and Emma there to help. They watched her for me and Lindsay got this gem on her phone.

One quick run through.

The next day was the big day. I had asked Dave to make sure she took her nap while I was at work, so she wouldn't be grumpy for the night since the review didn't start till 7pm. Well she fought it and was only able to sleep for a little bit. When I woke her up she was pretty ornery. She cried the whole time I curled her hair and then when it was time to get dressed she fought that too. Then by the time we got her in the car and put her favorite song on (thanks to Ash), she was as happy as can be.
They did so well. It was the cutest thing ever. During her Christmas performance she stayed in the same spot and followed direction, but on this performance she thought she would spice it up and do her own thing. Paola said she had the whole auditorium laughing. Allie was the perfect student and knew the dance right away.
Here they are with their teacher, waiting for their turn to perform.

Emma and Lindsay were awesome as always. It has been so fun to watch them grow as dancers. I LOVE watching them dance. I am their biggest fan!

Aww, they are holding hands. <3 td="">

Brooklyn's diaper leaked on her costume after her performance. Good thing we brought extra clothes. ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bubble Gun

Day after Easter
Same hair do
No bath
Dressed herself
And one bubble gun, made for a fun afternoon.