Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Summer far!

I still hate the heat. :D We have been pretty busy with normal "life" happenings, and can't complain.

What have we been up to?

Picture overload.

Well, Vanessa took our family pics. LOVE THEM! Thank you Prima!

Emma's end of school program. Look at that smile!

Maddi's end of year recital. She did amazing!

Lindsay's end of year program.
Lindsay's end of year dance recital. So cute!

Parker celebrated his 4th birthday! With an Iron Man b-day

Complete with a mask.

Then we celebrated Doz's 27th b-day!

Lindsay got a new bikini

Carter put Toy Story stickers all over his shirt and was so proud of them.

Went to Jumpin Jacks.

Carter's strategy; Step #1 - Attack the toy

Step #2 - Then punch it

And that's it for now! More to come. Tonight we celebrate Miss Lindsay's 7th B-day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How do I survive the summer heat?

With a Sonic orange cream slush! If I could buy one everyday I would.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ashley's Graduation!

Well she did it! Ashley is officially a high school graduate. We are all so proud of her. It was a nice ceremony, the kids even did pretty well for two hours! Ashley was also surprised to receive a scholarship as well.

Now after sitting for two long hours, what would you do if you were a kid?

Take pictures?

Yeah right!

We did our best to get some good pictures for the night. Ashley was so excited to have everyone there. Thank you everyone that came out and made the trip, we love you!

With Doz and Kristin, they only needed one try :)
Zarate Family Attempt #1
Zarate Family Attempt #2
Miles Family Attempt #1
Miles Family Attempt #2
Aunt Kathy, Josh, and the Gomez's :D
I love this girl!
Thanks for the cake Paola!
Now we did try to get the WHOLE family, poor Kristin had quite the challenge ahead of her. What can I say I love this crazy family!

Family Attempt #1
Family Attempt #2