Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Catch Up

This is going to be a very long post. We have had so much going on since her birthday and I of course have not been great at blogging. But I want to document as much as possible.

Ashley went to California with Fernando and his family. She got to go on the Price is Right, but didn't get called up. :( The next day Fernando and Kristin went on TWO showings of Let's Make a Deal and didn't get called up. Even though they were a little disappointed I think they still had fun. Ashley's episode of Price is Right will air this Monday, she said they are right behind contestants row. 

The girls had their first dance recital at the Jubliee of Trees this year. They were all so excited to get new costumes and I must say they are ADORABLE!

We took Brooklyn to see Big Hero 6. It was such a good movie, I cried twice. She was ready to go towards the end, but Dave and I was able to get her to stay because we really wanted to see how it ended.

We have our little fake tree from last year and since we were determined to get a real tree for the living room, we decided to put our little tree up in the kitchen/dining room a little early. 

Brookie helped Dave and I put up lights on the house.

Thanksgiving was amazing!

The weather on Thanksgiving was perfect, not too cold but cloudy. These pictures of the girls on the trampoline are so funny!


Emma and Lindsay were able to go shopping with us that night. It was their first Black Friday, but they did great. They were our cart holder, we put them in a not so busy part of the store (bras hahaha), and had them watch our carts. I am not sure if they will be back next year. :)

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we braved the wind and mountains to get a fresh tree. It was quite the adventure where we ended up in the car with the kids while Ashley, Dave and Bubba went to finally just get a tree so we could leave. We are happy with what they found.

The company I work for decided to enter a gingerbread house contest. It was for all businesses around the area. Let me tell you, this team did great. I watched for about four days because I did not want to mess it up, but on the last day it was getting down to the wire so I offered to help. It turned out amazing.

Brookie was bumped up to a booster. There was a great deal at Target on Black Friday. She was beyond excited for her new big girl car seat. Even though it so much easier to get her in and out, I am still sad that she is growing up so fast. No more buckles!

Brooklyn had set up our coffee table as her office one night. How cute is that?

 Just a reindeer watching spongebob!

We had a week of the sickies, but thankfully she is better now. I hate croup!
Brooklyn loves helping me with the dishes. She has gotten quite good at it.
She really likes to dress herself! That's been fun.

We have been to the Children's Museum a few times but the other day she got to go with Allie and Penelope. They turned the top floor of the building into a winter wonderland it was so neat.

Finally we made a little gingerbread house ourselves. Brooklyn did so well, but when we were done she wanted to eat it so bad! I had to keep reminding her we use glue for some parts.